Why is ReTV important?

Re-Shape the Digital Landscape

The digital media landscape is scattered in a continuously growing divide between users and media content. Broadcasters need to evolve into multi-channel content publishers, managing their traditional broadcast on the Web, SmartTV and mobile apps, online video platforms and social media, and provide online access to archival material. ReTV helps broadcasters to stay competitive in the digital TV environment.

What is ReTV providing?

Measure & Predict Your Success

ReTV addresses the digital media shift with novel services to cope with the rapidly changing digital media landscape that continuously redefines the demands and expectations of TV viewers. ReTV offers Trans-Vector Platform (TVP) – providing deep insights into the interactions with digital content and re-purposing media across channels (= media vectors), thus ultimately attracting more viewers and generating more value from media content.

Who will benefit from ReTV?

Publish Once – Reach All

The TVP provides broadcasters and their content partners (e.g. archives, OTT services, etc.) with the ability to “publish to all media vectors with the effort of one”. It empowers broadcasters and brands to continuously measure and predict the success of content and advertisements in terms of reach and audience engagement across vectors, allowing them to optimize decision making processes.

Who are we?

Partners in Innovation for the Interactive Age

The ReTV research & Innovation Action is funded within the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, carried out from 01 Jan 2018 to 31 Dec 2020.

ReTV brings together computer scientists, broadcasters, interactive TV companies, audio-visual archives from across Europe for innovation in digital media.

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ReTV provides media organizations with the following key functions:

  • Collect an integrated repository of media assets
  • Annotate media assets with rich metadata
  • Measure & visualize audience and content metrics
  • Predict topics of interest and success of re-purposed content
  • Enhance media assets according to predictions
  • Schedule playout/distribution for media assets
  • Publish re-purposed content and targeted ads to all vectors

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