About the Project

ReTV aims to provide broadcasters and content distributors with technologies and insights to leverage the converging digital media landscape. By advancing the start of the art in the analysis of this media landscape and providing novel methods to dynamically re-purpose content for an array of media vectors (= all relevant digital channels), a Trans-Vector Platform (TVP) will provide these stakeholders with the ability to “publish to all media vectors with the effort of one”.

The Trans Vector Platform is a collection of systems that covers all the use cases of Trans Vector Publishing. By using a modular architecture the TVP can easily be extended, integrated into existing workflows and use synergies between systems where it makes sense.

The TVP understands content. It has knowledge of genres and program topics and the concepts inside programs.

The TVP understands propagation strategies. it measures, visualizes, and reports on content engagement and viewer patterns across all tracked vectors, and determine a propagation strategy based on prediction models and machine learning.

The TVP knows how to recommend content to viewer cohorts (i.e., groups of viewers of a similar age, gender, location, history, interest, or device/vector). Content items may be automatically matched and timed with the audience on the publication vectors, including advertising, or recommended via TVP-powered services on the user-facing application, e.g. Zattoo’s mobile app or RBB’s Mediathek Web platform.

The TVP guides content re-purposing decisions. It can generate automated suggestions for re-purposing of content assets so that they can achieve more reach and engagement on the published vectors, e.g. video summarization for social media distribution.