Content Wizard

Content Wizard

Content Wizard is a professional-grade tool whose speciality is trans-vector publishing of near-live video content in one seamless, semi-automated workflow. This social media publishing platform acts as a single platform for content publication across multiple social media channels. It supports the selection, creation, adaptation and publication of audiovisual content across digital channels.

Engaging with social media users on all social networks is a major effort, mitigated only by professional-grade tool support. Content Wizard maximizes the total reachable audience by supporting all major social networks, which is rare among trans-vector publishing tools.

Key Features:

  • Visualisation Engine: rich, interactive trend visualisations and top trending keywords derived from the public debate (i.e. metadata context) to support topic selection.
  • Video Adaptation: automatic video summarization to optimize media content for consumption on social media platforms.
  • Text Summarisation: smart, textual content creation support and impact optimisation, based on trends from the public debate (i.e. metadata context) and prediction.
  • Recommendation & Scheduling: smart video scheduling and adaptation for multi-vector impact optimisation.

Find a demo of the tool below

  • Date April 11, 2021
  • Tags Advertising, Prediction, Text editing, Video

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