Topic Compass

Topics Compass is a data visualisation dashboard that supports real-time analysis of news stories as they develop across digital channels (namely, news portals and social media) and foresees stories of interest for future dates.

The primary users of Topics Compass are editorial, curatorial and marketing professionals involved in content creation and publication. The tool helps users to identify opportunities and ideas for new content creation, understand the context of news stories and monitor topics of interests over periods of time.

Topics Compass gathers and analyses over 100,000 new data sources on a daily basis across different languages (English, Dutch, German and French) and channels (websites, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube).

Main Capabilities

  • Monitor news stories as they are being reported in real-time (data sources updated every hour) using narrative-based visualisations.
  • Analyse how these stories are being told – what language is used, what sentiment is associated with them, what emotions do they portray, etc.
  • Compare cross-lingual data and data from different sources (news portal and social media). 
  • Gain Insights into stories that will be popular in near future.

The video below showcases the main features of the dashboard, or have a look at this tutorial by WebLyzard.


  • Date April 26, 2020
  • Tags Prediction, Topic Modelling

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