TOPICS COMPASS - Trending Topic Monitoring and Prediction

With more and more content being created and published online, broadcasters find themselves competing for audiences with various media organisations and amateur content creators. The loss of audiences is dire for broadcasters – lower revenues make it harder to produce quality content, which in turn make it harder to maintain these audiences engaged. If broadcasters want to stay relevant in this competative digital landscape, they need smart solutions that can help them attract and maintain audiencies with trending content distributed across multiple channels.

Topics Compass scenario enables broadcasters to navigate the digital media landscape and identify trending topics to be convered in new or repurposed content that will result in higher reach and impact. Data analytics and visualisations allow media professionals to monitor, listen and predict trends across the digital media vectors and find topics relevant to their audiences.


CONTENT WIZARD - Video Summarisation and Re-Publication Across Online Channels

To compete with the online-first offerings of large streaming services, broadcasters need to offer compelling content and deliver it appropriately. This means that content is not only published to the linear TV stream, but also broadcaster’s apps and websites, as well as social media. Those different publication vectors all come with requirements of their own. For example, videos on Facebook are often muted by default, so hardcoded subtitles are a must.

Content Wizard supports the preparation and publication of optimised content across digital media vectors with maximum impact. It offers solutions for automatic video summarisation for content consumption online, recommendation services for optimal publication time and predictice capabilities for maximising audiences engagement with trending content.


4u2 - Trending Content Recommendation for Personalised Experiences

Contemporary viewers by now are used to having content recommended to them online. Content providers needs to deliver the right content, to the right viewer on the right vector in the right format. This explosion in complexity cannot be handled with the conventional tools of TV broadcasting. What is more, consumers are also losing a source of rich content that is often much more local than what large international streaming services provide. Netflix, for example, does produce European shows, and remarkable niche content but they will always have to address a larger audience than a regional TV broadcaster.

4u2 scenario tackles this problem by introducing additional publication vectors for broadcasters and media archives through which consumers can easily and quickly gain access to personalised content. It allows content providers to establish long-lasting engagement with audiences via social media channels and interfaces convenient to them.


CONTENT SWITCH - Targeted and Personalised Content and Advertising

On linear television, every viewer sees the same content and ads. There is no option to watch a snippet of yesterday’s news, or skip an ad. Non-skippable ad-breaks that last for more than five minutes and include irrelevant ads seem outdated in comparison to shorter, personalised ads online. With more and more viewership moving online, the traditional broadcasters are losing out against the offerings of streaming services.

Content sWitch introduces a scenario where broadcasters can personalise content to every single viewer. The Dynamic Ad Insertion technology tailors the live television stream to each viewer’s profile, inserting relevant adverts and trailers. Watch a demo here.