Content sWitch & Dynamic Content Insertion

Content sWitch, developed by consortium partners Genistat, is a tool that allows broadcasters to personalise their content and prepare it for on-demand consumption online. 

With this solution, broadcasters can personalise the linear TV experience by replacing certain parts with better-suited alternatives. Among the possible applications are:

  • Replacing ads with targeted ads
  • Replacing ads with promos trailers for shows
  • Replacing ads with other, relevant content like the weather forecast

The following video showcase the dynamic content insertion by the Content sWitch tool. In this case, the tool offers different ads to different viewers. Each of the quarters represents a view that a viewer might get. The tool recommends suitable content for each viewer based on their viewing history.

Are you interested in learning more about this solution? You can read more about it here

A demo by Genistat showcasing Dynamic Content Insertion.

  • Date April 1, 2020
  • Tags Advertising, Personalisation
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