Storypact is a text editor that helps content creators to maximize the impact of their stories by offering data-driven suggestions on how to optimize a text.  The editor can be used for various types of publications including Web pages, press releases and newsletters as well as postings on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Editor modes
To support a wide range of goals and text editing workflows, Storypact offers five editor modes that let users choose which aspect of their story they would like to analyze and strengthen:

  1. Create a Positive Vibe. Highlight the sentiment of keywords, helping authors to avoid terms that are currently used in a negative context.
  2. Optimize for Google Search. Uses the current Google search volume to identify words that should be replaced to increase organic search traffic.
  3. Show Related Content. Shows related news, Web pages or Twitter postings – either as a Top 5 list or in the form of sidebar visualizations.
  4. Identify Opinion Leaders. Which are the most influential news media sites or Twitter accounts that have recently published similar topics?
  5. Spot Typos and Repetitions. In addition to offering a spell checker, this mode highlights frequently used words (a certain level of redundancy is often intended, but accidental repetitions can negatively impact the text quality).

Take a look at this solution in action in the video below!



Interested in knowing more? You can visit the official StoryPact website or ReTV consortium partners WebLyzard technology website.