ReTV: Re-inventing TV for the Interactive Age

Project Goals

The Trans Vector Platform is a collection of systems that covers all the use cases of Trans Vector Publishing. By using a modular architecture the TVP can easily be extended, integrated into existing workflows and use synergies between systems where it makes sense.

  • The TVP understands content. It has knowledge of genres and program topics and the concepts inside programs.
  • The TVP understands propagation strategies. it measures, visualizes, and reports on content engagement and viewer patterns across all tracked vectors, and determine a propagation strategy based on prediction models and machine learning.
  • The TVP knows how to recommend content to viewer cohorts (i.e., groups of viewers of a similar age, gender, location, history, interest, or device/vector). Content items may be automatically matched and timed with the audience on the publication vectors, including advertising, or recommended via TVP-powered services on the user-facing application, e.g. Zattoo’s mobile app or RBB’s Mediathek Web platform.
  • The TVP guides content re-purposing decisions. It can generate automated suggestions for re-purposing of content assets so that they can achieve more reach and engagement on the published vectors, e.g. video summarization for social media distribution.
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